Design Your Life Coaching Design Your Life Coaching

Do you remember your dreams of childhood when anything was possible? They still are! ...and they won't happen on their own. They won't happen by wishing or hoping for them either. Or affirming that they will come true. They won't happen unless you envision and then plan for them and then work towards them with accountability.
  • Do you have a Vision to live into? If so, are you living into it? If not, are you drifting from action item to action item?
  • Do you have a Mission that guarantees you move towards your vision or your goals or dreams daily? If not, what's stopping you?
  • Do you have Guiding Principles that serve who you choose to be in your life? Your principles are your guides for living your life responsibly and in integrity. Guiding you through the tough times towards your vision?

Our Vision

  • Powerful designs for all people such that lives are lived with clarity, commitment
    and joyfulness!

Our Mission

  • We listen from open and honest communication.
  • We listen from being your partner in what's possible for you.
  • We partner with you in your accountability.
  • We ask revealing questions.
  • We bring you back to now from "one day, someday."
  • We stand for you living an extraordinary life of power causing results.
  • We designate actions out of what's possible for you and hold you accountable to what you say.
  • We honor you as your word.

Our Guiding Principles

    Being unreasonable...
    We respect and honor you as your word.

    We listen to you as the powerful human being that you are.

    We uncover that which is transparent to you so you may shift to what works for you.

    We partner with you to make your vision a satisfying and joyful part of your everyday present life.

    The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him...the unreasonable man adapts the surrounding conditions to himself...
    All progress depends on the unreasonable man.

    George Bernard Shaw, Maximums for Revolutionists