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Coaching, or just in time learning, is changing how people learn. It is a required competency for today’s and tomorrow’s manager and leader and is part of the human resource manager’s job description world-wide. Developed by experts in the fields of professional coaching and mentoring, this program covers critical coaching competencies that support increased effectiveness and greater career options.


Vance Caesar, Ph.D., Principal of The Vance Caesar Group, a premier leadership coaching firm and founder of Professional Coaches and Mentors Association (PCMA), whose doctorate is in organizational psychology with an emphasis on leadership.

Carol Ann Caesar, Ph.D., whose focus is on coaching for enhanced emotional intelligence skills and relationship building, has her doctorate in psychology.

Various guest speakers who are professionals in their coaching or mentoring expertise.


Professional Coaching and Mentoring Foundation

  • Foundations of coaching and mentoring and how they differ from consulting, training, counseling, facilitating, managing, leading, and therapy
  • Information on popular groups, vendors, and professional coaching programs

Instrumented Coaching

  • An introduction to some of the more commonly used instruments plus an opportunity to take some of these
  • Each class members' presentation of an assessment of their choice

Inquiry Coaching

  • Introduction to various inquiry strategies of coaching while developing your own inquiry style and skills
  • Appreciative Inquiry

Observational Coaching

  • Exploring strengths, limitations, and uses of 360 instruments
  • Creating an original 360 instrument

Emotional Intelligence

  • Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
  • Various well known measures

Mentoring as a Performance or Behavioral Change Strategy

  • Best practice mentoring examples
  • Pros and cons of mentoring programs
  • Choosing a mentor

Professional Issues

  • Professional issues discussed including ethics and risk management
  • Developing your niche and marketing to it
  • Clarifying your next steps for skill building

Coaching Resources

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