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Radio Interviews of Certified Coaches with host Patricia Hirsch, MCC

Carol Courcy, MCC

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March 27, 2012
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA

Everything Doesn’t Have to Change for Everything to Change!

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Carol Courcy, MCC

Carol Courcy
Patricia Hirsch interviews Carol Courcy, MCC, on Emotional Agility. Because Carol’s work is intertwined with her lifelong personal journey of learning and self-discovery, her endeavors are rooted in a place of personal meaning and emotional connection. At its core, her work is true compassion for the life struggles of others, particularly for caring self-sacrificing overachievers like herself who know well exhaustion and disillusionment. She believes today’s business cultures and family dynamics all benefit when we move from feelings of discontent and stress to those of satisfaction and dignity. Carol truly believes her students and clients have the capacity to change. However missing for many is a new way to dissolve old issues or problems. She teaches a bit of the new brain science along with trusting our inner wisdom. With a good dose or humor and irreverence she gives ideas and practices. Participants simply have to have the desire to start and take advantage of what they learn.

Carol Courcy is a Master Certified Coach serving clients worldwide for 20 years. But, 15 years ago, in spite of outward success, Carol had become an habitual self-sacrificing overachiever. Like kudzu, resentment had take up residence in her emotional landscape. She was angry with her bosses for not giving her what she felt she deserved. Though painful, when Carol’s “Aha!” moment arrived, she said a compassionate “Hello!” to her wise inner tortoise. Missing she discovered was the “emotional agility” to leave anger for satisfaction. Burning herself out had diminished her joy and put at risk what she treasured. Carol launched a plan to stop overdoing and sacrificing her well-being. Carol shares her journey in “SAVE YOUR INNER TORTOISE—Learn how to cross the finish line joyful and satisfied”. You will find dozens of simple yet powerful practices for increasing your emotional agility. Also from Carol and her clients are touching stories and fantastic ideas for saving your inner tortoise.



News: ICF Credentialed Coach Interviews!

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Did you hear a coach that peaked your interest?
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Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, Master Certified Coach, MBA



Check Out the Show!
“‘What’s Important to Your Business’ Series”

Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA

“What do you mean I need a business plan? Who needs a PLAN? I don’t need a plan; I know exactly what I want to do.”

How many times have you thought along those lines? How many times have you also noticed yourself thinking that things may just be moving a little too quickly for you to keep up? Or, that you fall into bed at night concerned about juggling everything that is calling for you to be done to keep your business moving along the lines of “exactly what you want to do” if you only had more time? How often have you thought a bank loan might help you out and yet you aren’t really sure how to go about getting one? What do they need? Do you have it? What will they ask? Will you be able to answer?

Let’s start a conversation together about what is a business plan. Let’s begin a conversation for how you can get one started to ensure you are on the right path to running your business smoothly, efficiently and effectively for as long as you wish.

Click here to find out some tips to how to write a simple business plan so you are on the right track.




Did you hear a coach that peaked your interest?
Click on their banner to learn more about them and their services. Enjoy!


Click each logo to learn more about MCC, PCC and ACC certification.



The offer may be new to some and not new to others, and there are many different distinctions in the emerging profession called “coaching.”

From Google:
The noun, coach, is defined as:
1) A horse-drawn carriage, esp. a closed one.

The verb, coach, is defined as:
2) To travel by coach: “they coached to Claude’s dwelling.”

An International Coach Federation (ICF) certified and credentialed coach knows the client is creative, resourceful and whole. An ICF certified and credentialed coach is someone who travels (coaches) with the client from Point A, always from where the client sees him or herself to be and always based on the client’s own commitments, to Point B, where in the client’s vision for the future has led him or her.

In borrowing the description of “a closed one” as per the definition above, Coaching Conversations are confidential based on respect for the client. Only the client chooses to share with whom he or she is coached and on what the coaching was focused.

Under the umbrella “coaching” are the differing approaches and offers to the world. Contained herein, are interviews with Patricia Hirsch and respected certified and credentialed coaches* from around the world, who are visible and ground breaking thought leaders, contributing to the emerging profession of coaching each in their own way.

Please join us and learn what you choose.

*Rarely, Patricia has interviewed coaches who are contributing to making a difference in the world and they are not certified and credentialed.




“What a treat to be interviewed by Patricia Hirsch. I have had many interviews in my 25 years coaching career and many more before that when I was visible in the healthcare training community in New England. Most left me flat, wondering why the interviewers could not bring my essence to the fore. Most interviewers were most interested in talking themselves and telling their stories.My experience with Patricia was refreshingly different, a model for what the possibility of an interview could be. She showcased me. Her style flowed with lightness and light and I was surprised when our time was up. I could have spent all day being with her. Imagine being with a true friend who is curious about you and also allows you to reveal what is important, not just chit chat. I felt comfortably authentic and real, just being me, the me I like to be when I am inspired by someone. Thank you Patricia.” Teri-E Belf, MCC


“Being interviewed by Patricia Hirsch is a wonderful experience…just like twirling around the dance floor with the perfect partner…a great space to explore beyond what we know in a safe and loving environment. Thanks Patricia!”Keith Miller, PCC


“Thank you Patricia for a fun conversation on my favorite topic (Saving Our Inner Tortoise) for my favorite audience (the ever-striving and burned out) with my favorite fellow MCC and now radio show host… That’s YOU Patricia! As always you and I got into the most interesting of conversations about helping ourselves and others get out of our own way to have a life we are more and more pleased with. I so appreciate and admire YOUR commitment to getting the word out about coaching’s benefits and responsibilities. I am proud to be a fellow master level coach and friend of yours.”Carol Courcy, MCC


“When interviewing people on her radio show, Patricia Hirsch is thoughtful and engaging. She has a way of expanding upon what you say in a way that brings it to life for the audience. Her fun spirit and sense of humor make being on the show a fun and memorable experience. Being on the show was a great experience!Lois Carson

Did you hear a coach that peaked your interest?
Click on their banner to learn more about them and their services. Enjoy!