21 November 2013
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


“Be Bold: Let Your Light Shine”


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Barbara Eisele, PCC

Barbara EiseleMy passion is to call forth women and men to discover what really matters to them, their Authentic Brilliance. Women in developed countries today have more choices and opportunities. They are better educated, more affluent and enjoy more privilege than any time in history. They are also more unhappy and depressed. The divorce rate is higher than ever before and as is the addiction to alcohol and drugs. What is this about? I believe that with all the external pressures to be what we think society wants us to be, we lose sight or never discover who we really are, our unique gifts and talents and what we are called to do in the world. My own journey of foreclosure on our dream home has been deeply transformational. I was stunned that after 30 years of transformational growth work I was so identified with the external trappings of my life. Thus began my journey, deeper into my soul than I had ever been before, to discover my Authentic Brilliance.

Barbara is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Life Transformations, Now! She is a transformational coach, inspirational speaker and international bestselling author. Her second book, Bold is Beautiful, will be released in late December. Through her own life experiences she has traveled the sacred transformational journey to discover the many layers of her Authentic Brilliance. Barbara has evolved through three professional careers and now lives her purpose by guiding other women in the process of discovering and living from the “sweet spot” of their Authentic Self.

Barbara was bold and shared authentically in the chapter that she wrote for her first book “Hot Mama in High Heels”, an International best selling anthology. Here she describes her recent journey through a very difficult time in her life. Living from the inside out, was not easy but today, Barbara is living the rewards of taking the risk. She feels more confident, vibrant and alive than she has in many years.


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