07 May 2013
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


“Coaching for Innovation”


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Beth Symes, PCC and Marcia Ruben, PhD, PCC

Global competitive forces require that all organizations keep their products and services aligned with the ever changing needs of their customers. As more and more companies recognize this, they are embracing the use of innovation as a means of developing a competitive advantage. But knowing what they need to do isn’t the same as being able to actually do it. Coaches can play an important role in supporting their clients to be successful in their innovation efforts. Marcia and Beth will talk about this, and their Coaching for Innovation online workshop.

Beth Symes is a seasoned, certified executive coach and consultant specializing in leveraging individual and team strengths to optimize performance outcomes. Beth works with senior executives and management teams, utilizing a dynamic and demanding process of self-discovery, experiential learning, personal challenge, and goal setting to guide individuals and teams beyond the barriers that have limited their performance. As a result, her clients create futures that more accurately reflect their talent and ability, which is reflected in the impact they make on their organizations.

Some examples of her work include the following:

  • Partnering with the London Business School as their lead facilitator in the United States to deliver Executive Leadership Development programs and executive coaching to senior executives.
  • Extensive experience as an Executive Coach within corporations and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.
  • Development and delivery 2 day programs to integrate the leadership teams of two merging organizations.
  • Led a 31/2 day leadership development program to senior leaders in an international banking enterprise. Included individual and group coaching of 360° feedback.
  • Facilitator of small group peer coaching sessions with senior executives designed around 360 ° feedback and the creation of goal focused development plans.
  • Delivered programs on Change Management in North America, Europe, the UK and South America.
  • Seasoned facilitator who ensures group dynamics lead to productive outcomes.


As coach, consultant and facilitator, Marcia Ruben brings 25 years of experience in untangling complex interpersonal and organizational dynamics. Whether the need is stronger leadership presence, increased conflict management skills, higher emotional intelligence or more persuasive influence, Marcia’s focused, direct, and warm approach wastes no time in diagnosing and addressing what’s needed, for both leaders and their organizations.

Marcia’s experience, skill and knowledge of human and organizational dynamics in strategic contexts, have repeatedly produced pragmatic change strategies and aligned tactics. Her one-on-one coaching with leaders, whether developing within their current position or advancing to the next level, consistently facilitates solid advances. Marcia’s consulting engagements yield insight, guidance and direction to individuals and organizations alike. And her facilitation quickens the untangling that’s necessary for progress, whether the knots are within individuals, among team members, or arise from the complexities of the organization as a whole.


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