18 December 2014
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


Gail Rappolt


“How to Have the Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding!”

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Gail Rappolt, PCC

Gail RappoltIn what ways do I keep myself stuck by not having the difficult conversations that would truly make a difference to me and the other? Why do I assume that raising something that has been concerning me will have a negative outcome? I demean others when I deprive them of feedback that lets them know the impact of their behavior on me. When I give feedback that is descriptive, situational and owns the behavior’s impact on me and when I give it in the spirit of love – not blame nor defensiveness, I offer a gift. Ironically it is not only a gift to the other – it is a gift to self as well. I have taken action and often that action releases the tension and anxiety created by the situation and allows me to let go it. Join Gail to learn a feedback tool and some specific skills of preparing and delivering feedback that will help create a positive outcome for the conversation you need to have.

OFFER FROM GAIL: Please contact Gail for a complementary coaching session between now and January 1, 2015. If you sign up for a three month coaching commitment, you get the first month free.

Gail is a dynamic and creative business coach. Her warmth, knowledge of human behaviour and positive energy form the basis of an outstanding learning opportunity for her clients. Her background as a successful leader and manager brings both awareness of the complexities faced by her clients and the coaching skills to help them find their own effective solutions.

Gail has a private coaching practice and has been an Associate of the Niagara Institute for many years. Her career path includes a number of senior management positions in the public sector at the municipal and provincial level. In her roles, she managed large departments and sites where she was involved in restructuring and change management, led cross-functional teams, and designed and developed new programs. She has also held significant positions of leadership in the volunteer sector.

  • Coaches at Executive Level
  • Designs strategic planning for small business clients
  • Trains in team building and change management
  • Expertise: Leadership Development, Executive and Personal Coaching


  1. www.illuminationcoaching.ca
  2. gail@illuminationcoaching.ca
  3. 905 546-7772

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Gail Rappolt