11 December 2014
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


Helen Attridge


“How Coaching is Changing the World”

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Helen Attridge, MCC

Helen AttridgeAfter 5 years of having my International Coach training company, I took some time out this year to review where I had been and where I am going, something I strongly recommend coaching clients, coaches and international leaders I work with do. From this time of reflection, I was able to review what was working both personally and professionally for me. This “reflection time” was deeply inspired by a leadership training I taught in China last November, where I walked into a room of leaders from all different walks of life and had a visceral experience in my body of their exhaustion and frustration. The morning of the first day of the training, I received a call from one of my trainers in the U.S., who had told me she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to start treatment immediately. As I looked around the room, I wondered how many of the leaders I was going to spend time with in this training were going to get to have the impact they wanted to have in their country or globally and how many may get sick, burned out, or lose their personal lives on their journey. I started to hear a small voice inside of me inviting me to change my curriculum and be present with both myself and these leaders over the time I spent with them. On the last day of our training, we climbed Quincheng Mountain together on a spiritual quest about our leadership journey. (Quincheng Mountain is the home of Taoism, a mountain covered in temples and steeped in some of the ancient spiritual teachings of China). That training began to create a pathway forward for me, as a leader, trainer and coach with a passion to create global change. I want to share the learnings I have had over the past year, about the inner guidance that we as coaches help people connect with and about allowing ourselves as coaches to be guided on our path.

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Helen Attridge, President, International Trainer, Master Certified Coach, is the President and Founder of the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP (ALCN). The Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP is an International Coach Training and Leadership Development Company. At the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP, Helen trains students in all aspects of coaching—from business coaching to relationship coaching and executive coaching—helping clients from all around the world achieve their visions, dreams, and wildest adventures. She also works with social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and leaders from diverse fields of industry on achieving next-level growth and wide-ranging positive change. Helen took over the NLP Coach Training Program from the NLP Institute of California in 2009. Since then, she has built the company to match her vision of an international coach training program that gives students the highest ICF credentials and combines ICF’s pure coaching model with powerful NLP coaching techniques. Prior to becoming President of ALCN, Helen was the Graduate Director and a coach for the Hoffman Institute and an International Trainer for the NLP Institute of California. She has trained in the tools and technologies developed by Tony Robbins, coaching CEOs and executives internationally. She was also Facilitator/Coach for Womensquest Outdoor Adventure Company where she shared her passion for the outdoors. Helen has presented on NLP and Leadership at Stanford Graduate School of Business and at Peking University Platform in Beijing. She is a featured author in the book Ready, Aim, Influence!, an international bestseller in the top 10 of Amazon’s Hot Releases in the Business & Investing section


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Helen Attridge