20 August 2013 and 16 October 2012
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


Janice Knight


“Tap Into Your Brain Power: How to Improve Performance and Overcome Obstacles in Your Work and Your Life”


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Janice Knight, PCC

Janice KnightDoes your brain seem to have a mind of its own? Is it hindering you or helping you? For many people, in spite of firm intentions to take conscious and deliberate actions, they find themselves doing exactly the opposite of what they intended. Have you responded to inconsequential emails when an important project deadline is hastily approaching? Failed to follow your boss’ suggestions even when you already made up your mind to do so? Failed to keep your cool even though you prepared and rehearsed your response? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to count on your brain to come through when you need it?

Utilizing research from the fields of neuroscience, coaching and hypnosis, Janice will share powerful brain concepts (Evolutionary Brain, Reticular Activating System) and 2 mind models: Theory of Mind and SCARF to help our listeners:

  • Stay focused and reduce emotional hijackings
  • Avoid feelings of overwhelm
  • Overcome self?sabotage
  • Have more “Ah?Hah” moments

Janice Knight is passionate about human potential and has worked with hundreds of clients to help accelerate their success. Coaching small business leaders and professionals, Janice realized in spite of great intentions, her clients would often sabotage their efforts before reaching their full potential. Convinced that it was possible to help her clients improve performance and overcome self-sabotage, Janice continued her studies and, after completing training in hypnosis and incorporating the insights of brain-based coaching, Janice combined coaching, hypnosis and consulting to launch www.HypnoticallyHappyCoaching.com (personal coaching) and www.WildWomenforBusiness.com (business coaching). Janice works with clients who desire to tap into the power of their conscious and subconscious minds to let go of the past and fast-track potential. Janice is an ICF Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) and Certified Hypnotherapist (CH.t)


  1. www.hypnoticallyhappycoaching.com
  2. www.wildwomenforbusiness.com
  3. Janice@yrcoach.com
  4. 530 273-0700