16 January 2014
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


“How To Stay Powerful and Present When Your Buttons Get Pushed and Fear Over-Takes You”


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Judy K. Katz, MCC

Judy K. KatzLearn how to get beyond your shadows of doubt and fear when conflict and difficult circumstances show up. Ascend into your magical zone of miracles and authentic power regardless of the challenge. Discover the magic and miracles that come from releasing your resistance to what is. Learn how to live from your authentic, creative power and awaken to the divine genius that you are. This is a spiritual journey into love, creative divine power, and authentic expression.

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Judy K. Katz is an ICF Master Certified Coach and a Certified Spiritual Mentor and Practitioner. She has been serving individuals and com¬panies for over twenty years to transform the conflicted, resistant environments, both internally and externally, from which people live and work. Her passion and specialty is to release people from their inner conflicts and automatic fight, flight, freeze reactions that overtake them in times of critical change, adversities, conflicts within significant relationships, and the everyday relationship stress that results from past conditioning.

Judy is an international transformational coach, speaker, trainer, and author. Her personal journey into her five-year dark night of the soul transformed her life completely. In her just-released book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt, she shares what finally released her from this extremely difficult time and allowed her to soar in all areas of her life. She is dedicated to helping others release their debilitating resistance to their human fears and resentments and to realize the miracles that come from taking back control of their lives. Judy’s mission is to change the reactive way people live and work from the victim’s perspective of powerlessness, scarcity, limitation, and fear into their divine birthright of peace and freedom, power, joy, passion, and abundance.


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