7 August 2014
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


“Courage to STOP for a Minute”


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Kish Modasia, PCC

Kish ModasiaOur busy, full lives can leave us stressed, tired, and even angry. There’s certainly little or no space to think. So, using my in-depth knowledge and experience of mediation and mindfulness, I’ve designed a workshop to help people create that space – every day.

If you do just five minutes mindfulness each day, that’s 35 minutes a week, 1,820 minutes a year which tots up to over 30 hours a year. And that’s just for starters
What is mindfulness?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, mindfulness is

  • The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
  • A mental state – achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations – used as a therapeutic technique.

I would also add it’s about awareness without judgement.

I call this daily practice an ART, which we’ll create together.
A – Awareness of what you hold
R – Realisation of what that’s doing to you
T – Transformation through practical techniques

Together we’ll explore

  • Simple relaxation techniques
  • An awareness of your breath and how you can use it to bring calm in seconds
  • Realisation of how gratitude can shift what you bring into your life
  • Explore how your body can work with you through dance and movement

Bring some calm into your life and come and listen in to the show. Give yourself some ME time – you deserve it!

I was born is Zimbabwe of Indian origin and have lived in London for over 30 years. I’ve lived and worked in several countries and have experienced many different cultures. It’s given me great insight into how to get people to recognize and appreciate differences. I also speak several languages.

One of the most valuable things I offer my clients is my very rounded business and life experience. I’ve been part of a team in a large organization. I’ve run my own business too so I know what it’s like to employ and motivate other people. When coaching, I use these experiences together with successful strategies from large organizations, which I adapt for small to medium sized businesses. I’ve also learned, that to stay motivated, focused and able to make good decisions, I need to take time out for myself. Time to clear my head and allow myself space to think. So I use mindfulness techniques every day. It’s such a powerful tool that I use it in my coaching sessions.

As an executive business coaching consultant I’ve worked for large organizations including BT, O2, Network Rail, the NHS, and the civil service. I’ve also worked with many smaller businesses and individuals. I believe in continual professional development and I practice what I preach. I undergo one-to-one coaching myself, and my work is supervised. I have an inquiring mind and really enjoy extending my learning by going to conferences, seminars, and talks by people I admire.

Two of the achievements I’m most proud of took at great deal of commitment – there were many times when I would cheerfully have quit either of them! The first was my determination to work from home at the end of the 90s so I could be around more for my children. There was no internet, homeworking was rare, and I met a lot of opposition. I stood my ground and eventually became British Telecom’s first homeworker in 1989. The second is far more terrifying! I decided to really challenge myself and took part in a stand-up comedy evening for the Funny Women Organization. I was completely out of my comfort zone but I felt I needed to do it to fully appreciate the challenges and anxieties my clients face. So the things I do and experience in my personal life really do feed into my work as an executive business coach. My social skills and love of people help me to draw my clients out so I can find out what makes them tick.


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