19 February 2015
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA

Micki McMillan


“The Anatomy of a Transformational Coach”


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Micki McMillan, MCC

Micki McMillan To be an authentic transformational coach we must have impeccable self-awareness, abiding mindfulness practice, and be a life long learner. A Transformational Coach first is aware of her own strengths and shortcomings. The coach understands the impact they have on others. This self-awareness is earned through a willingness to dive into one’s inner life. The second component of a Transformational Coach is that they have a deep and abiding mindfulness practice. In a world saturated with information and fast-passed technology, the Transformational Coach steps outside of this flurry and is grounded through a mindfulness practice. Through this practice the self-awareness of the coach is enriched as well as possible areas of growth. The third characteristic of a transformational coach is that they are life long learners. Learning becomes less a goal to achieve and more of a way of life. Learning how to learn becomes more important than gathering a mass of knowledge. To be one who teaches this, we have to be that which we are teaching. Or … the best way to teach transformational coaching is to allow transformation to take root in the life of the teacher.

Micki McMillan MEd.,MCC, is CEO and co-founder of the Blue Mesa Group, a firm that supports senior leaders’ success through executive coaching and proven leadership skills.

Once the highest ranking woman in utility operations, Micki has deep insights into the challenges executives face in competitive cultures. With twenty years of executive coach experience, Micki is one of just over 600 Master Certified Coaches in the world. Micki coaches executives and teams at The Coca-Cola Company, Merck & Co., Yale Health, Colorado State University, Entergy, Trinity Health, Centura Health and Royal Dutch Shell. She has vast experience in world regions, including Asia, Australia and Europe.

Micki also coaches fellow coaches. She is Program Director for the ICF accredited Transformational Coaching Program. Graduates are qualified to become Professional Certified Coaches. The program emphasis is learning to learn, systems thinking, and emotional intelligence.


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Micki McMillan