16 October 2014
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA


Rafael Boker


“The Secret Boundaries of our Values”LISTEN HERE:

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Rafael Boker, PCC

Rafael BokerBoundaries are our way of communicating with other people – letting them know where we stand, how far are we willing to go, and in which direction. Values are what we use as a description of our selves, our “true essence” if you would like. What happens when our boundaries are breached? Are we really venerable there? Are we really being hurt? Come on and listen to this layout of definitions and discoveries to asses your own behavior in your culture. Allow yourself to embrace your values in a way you might not thought about before.

Rafael Boker was born to provoke and help others to transform their lives into their best selves. With more than 6 years of experience, Rafael Coached and trained other coaches to be rooted to their true essence. Rafael comes from a small family and created a bigger one, fulfilling his essence as a father, along with helping other individuals to grow themselves to create a life that they love and fulfill their dreams. Rafael was trained at CTI (The coaches Training Institute) as a Co-Active coach, and currently holds the role of leading certification programs for CTI, supervising, holding a beautiful marriage and parenting 3 children.


  1. www.rafaelboker.com
  2. boker.rafael@gmail.com
  3. +44-7901603631
  4. Located in London UK

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