October 18, 2011
Hosted by Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA

Teri-E Belf


“Coaching With Spirit: Qui Search”


Teri-E Belf, MCC

Teri-E explains that coaching with spirit and qui is a search for who a person truly is, the authentic self. The search for who, the inner wise self or one’s essence involves spirituality, one’s worldview and how one purposefully connects to all by contributing one’s gifts, strengths and way of being. Teri-E will share the bottom line of coaching and what is the ideal length of time to be in a coaching partnership? What is the need for purpose and what ways are there to use it? She will share purposefulness and sustainability for coaching and customized 1:1 training. She will give you an example of tapping into essence, including a technique. Reconciling two common yet seemingly opposing philosophies of life, to create your reality and to let go and let God.

TERI-E BELF, MA, BCC, MCC, the Grandmother of Coaching, is the world’s first Master Certified Coach and an inspiring coach pioneer who helped shape the profession. With 30,000+ hours coaching, coach training and coach mentoring experience since 1987, she inspires audiences with her speaking, writing, workshops and retreats. She founded and directs Success Unlimited Network® (SUN), with an ICF-accredited Coach Training and Certification Program rooted in life purpose and spirituality. Her books, Coaching With Spirit, Simply Live it UP, and Facilitating Life Purpose, many publications on Amazon and Kindle, as well as media appearances, reveal her passion for life and coaching. With contagious enthusiasm she inspires and guides people to take steps towards their dreams by first discovering their life purpose and then learning how to use it as a zip-line to essence in a practical consistent way. Coaching for her is an essence journey for wisdom, abundance and wholeness.